WOW BRAVO & FUNKY RAP 是一個堅持理想的台灣品牌,以精緻手工製作每一個設計細節,概念店 1F 以純白花園為意象,展示設計師們美麗的衣裳。
2F 為藝術空間,舉辦各類型創作展覽與表演活動,同時展示其他台灣年輕設計師品牌服裝。
3F 為設計師工作室,可接受客戶訂製。

WOW BRAVO & FUNKY RAP is an ideal brand of fashion, insisted perfect handmade for every detail. The first floor of concept store is a white garden, showing those beautiful works of designers. Second floor is an art space, organizing various types of exhibitions and performing, and showing other young designers’ works of Taiwan. Third floor for designers’ studio, customization is acceptable.